ATSS Foundation Ambassador Award

Ambassadors exceed expectations in supporting ATSS Foundation’s core purpose of promoting roadway safety through charitable giving and public awareness programs. Using a unique combination of passion and skills, they inspire others to get involved and give back to the industry.

The ATSS Foundation Ambassador Award, previously named the "Champion Award," recognizes individuals or entities who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in supporting our core purpose. Show an ambassador that you appreciate the time and effort they have invested in furthering the mission of Toward Zero Deaths.

Nominations for the award are accepted year-round, then considered three times a year in conjunction with Foundation Board meetings in March, July and November.

Chesapeake ATSSA Chapter

Awarded on Aug. 15, 2023

Chesapeake Chapter presented with Ambassador Award

Photo (from left): Kevin Shelton, Bret Martine, David May, Jerry Nagyiski, Steve Noel

The Chesapeake ATSSA Chapter was recognized as a dedicated group that helped to raise funds for ATSS Foundation by starting a successful fundraising event. The chapter created a multi-chapter bowling tournament in 2017, the Mason-Dixon Mixin’. The idea was then utilized at the 2018 ATSSA Midyear Meeting as “Twisted Bowling.” A fundraising event has now become a staple during Midyear. Specific individuals mentioned include: David May, Adam Weiser, Jerry Nagyiski, Bret Martine, Cathy Wolfson, Steven Noel, Luke Myers, Bob Felt, Cassi Beatty and the Chapter Liaison. Foundation Board Chair Kevin Shelton (2022-2023) and nominator Bret Martine presented the Ambassador Award to the Chesapeake ATSSA Chapter at the Chapter Presidents’ Council meeting during ATSSA Midyear on Aug. 15, 2023.

The Shirley Family

Awarded in November 2022

Shirley Family presented Ambassador Award

Photo (from left): Peter Johnston, Ryan Shirley, Rick Brockman

The Shirley family of Safety Signal Company Inc. in Georgia has been promoting, managing and participating in the Jim Shirley Memorial Golf Tournament for 13 years as of 2022. Funds raised support both ATSS Foundation and scholarships for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The Shirleys shut down their industry business for the day to make the golf event a success. The plaque was presented by Foundation Vice Chair Peter Johnston (2022-2023) and nominator Rick Brockman, president of the Georgia ATSSA Chapter, to Ryan Shirley during The Foundation’s 2023 Golf Classic Tournament in Phoenix, held in conjunction with ATSSA’s Convention & Traffic Expo.

John Dreznes

Awarded on Feb. 13, 2022

John Dreznes presented with Champion Award by Dave Krahulec

Photo (from left): John Dreznes, David Krahulec

John Dreznes donated his time and expertise to assist with ATSS Foundation Auctions Program and the Youth Activity Book. He has worked many companies who have hosted auctions to assist in the setup of an online auction site. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Youth Activity Book by helping design and create both online and printable versions of this important teaching tool. The plaque was presented by Foundation Board Chair David Krahulec (2020-2021) during ATSSA’s 52nd Convention & Traffic Expo in Tampa, in front of the National Work Zone Memorial.

Cheryl M. Leonard, PhD, of North Carolina

Awarded in November 2021

Cheryl Leonard presented with Champion Award

Photo (from left): David Krahulec, Cheryl Leonard, Tom Bell

Foundation Board Chair David Krahulec (2020-2021) and Carolinas Chapter of ATSSA President Tom Bell presented Cheryl M. Leonard, PhD, assistant director of Governor's Highway Safety Program for the NC Department of Transportation, The Foundation Champion Award for her efforts to research and honor fallen North Carolina workers on the National Work Zone Memorial and for her efforts to host a virtual work zone safety press event in North Carolina. Due to scheduling conflicts, the plaque was presented during the Feb. 1, 2022 chapter meeting.

Susan Reiss

Awarded on Jan. 25, 2020

Sue Reiss presented with Champion Award

Photo (from left): Debra Ricker, Sue Reiss, Kathi Holst

Susan Reiss served on ATSS Foundation’s board for more than a decade, including a term as president. This first Champion Award was presented during ATSSA’s 2020 Convention & Traffic Expo 50th Anniversary Gala event in New Orleans. Kathi Holst of D2K Traffic Safety Inc. and Debra Ricker of Worksafe Traffic Control Industries Inc. nominated Reiss for the award.

Then-Foundation President Dave Krahulec (2020-2021) said Reiss initiated the sporting clay event and was instrumental in getting the charitable arm of ATSSA on solid footing.