Teen drivers can become work zone safe


ATSS Foundation has partnered with WorkZoneSafe.com to launch a National Work Zone Safe Teen Driver program. The online course is 100% free and modernizes work zone safety education.

The 50-minute course gives teen drivers ages 15-19 the opportunity to learn about work zone safety. The program is now available nationwide, offering a comprehensive national course alongside tailored state-specific versions for Oklahoma and Wisconsin, all designed with a focus on addressing teen driving behavior. The course includes work zone-focused information, like what to do when a driver sees a flagger, what to do while in a work zone, how to get around a truck and more.

Teens who successfully complete the online course are recognized and rewarded for their commitment to work zone safety.

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion,
  • Entered into a monthly $500 educational scholarship drawing provided by Association of Oklahoma General Contractors or ATSS Foundation (view the scholarship winners), and
  • May be eligible for a safe driver discount through various insurance companies by providing their completion certificate.

Visit WorkZoneSafe.com to take the course.

Get involved: Help improve teen driving safety in your state

Share information about the Teen Driver Program by downloading flyers tailored for teen drivers and parents or educators and supporters.

Additionally, a comprehensive toolkit is now available to learn more about the Teen Driver Program and how to promote it to others. As a critical voice for work zone safety in your state, please share this free opportunity with schools, parents, driving schools and teens in your community. The toolkit includes:

  • Steps on enrolling in the free teen driver course
  • How to reach out to groups in your area to promote the program
  • Frequently asked questions about the program
  • Promotional image to use

Watch the free webinar recording

An introductory webinar, "No More Pamphlets! Modernizing Teen Driver Work Zone Safety," was held Aug. 9, 2-3 p.m. ET, with speakers:

  • Tom Robins, founder of Work Zone Safe
  • Lori Diaz, director of The ATSS Foundation (moderator)
  • Haley Norman, Oklahoma ATSSA Chapter President
  • Paul Harris, Director Oklahoma Highway Safety Office
  • Lauren Parrish, P.E., State Traffic Engineer for Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Marty Farris, Traffic Engineering Division Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Attendees learned how ATSS Foundation partnered with the founder of WorkZoneSafe.com to help modernize education and engagement for teen driver work zone safety.

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